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The Cool Clubs (photo in header)
Cycling is a beautiful sport. And lately, more and more individuals has embraced this. Good bye to bad jersey designs. Hello chasing views in perfect kits.

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Roadtripping Caterbury
Contining in the Cyclingtips exploration series ‘Roatripping’, New Zealand got a visit. Incredible views and lush forests inspire us to close our laptops, and book a NZ flight.

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Cannondale Fulcrum
“It weighed 23 kilos, and cost 20,000 dollars to make (in 1998!). It was triple chained and radical, and although it was raced in world cups, it never made it to the market.”

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Hunt V
Deux North is about hunting for distant roads and catching the inspiration of cycling. We enjoyed their fifth amendment more than ever.

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Mazda Concept Bike
“Minimalistic, clean and very fast. I would like to have that piece of art at my place!”

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