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Le Peloton Chronicles (photo in header)
A training recitation from one of the most rumored rides in Stockholm. Le Peloton is a movement that gathers cyclists from all around Stockholm and its suburbs to create the hardest group ride of the week, in pure race-style. Attacks, lactic acid, fast turns in the front, sprints. It’s Le Peloton.
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La Counquista Magazine
This free digital magazine contains a very appealing mix of historic recollections and the latest news in cycling, all in a package very pleasing to the eye.
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Thereabouts the movie
The film is about Lachlan Morton, professional cyclist in Team Garmin Sharp who is losing the love for professional cycling. Together with his brother, Angus Morton, they set out to ride across Australia to find new love for the sport. The honest and humble story is on the must-watch list.
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Slaying the badger
“An ESPN documentary showing the rivalry between Greg Le Mond & Bernard Hinault. Much like Froome and Wiggo today.”
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Denny commuter bike
Forward thinking, futuristic and with alot of attention to detail. One of the smartest commuters of 2014?
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