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The Rapha Womens 100 (photo in the header)
For the Rapha women’s 100; Ian Walton shared this tip for all the cycling women in the world. The Rapha women’s 100 is all about bringing women together (seasoned or beginners) and enjoy a 100km ride.
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Thomas Voekler drive-by fan discussion
There are few riders in the pro peloton that are such characters as Thomas Voeckler. After getting a cold welcome by the Dutch fans, he decides to put them in place.
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More and more cyclists are using Strava. It adds increased motivation to your daily commute, to the century ride or the race. It’s also a good way to keep track of your training in terms of volume and intensity. For the number geeks, VeloViewer is using your Strava information and digs deeper. A useful find!
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Inside le Tour (continuation)
Inside the Tour continues since our last top picks with photographer Kåre Dehlie Thorstad and he’s shared more galleries from within the three week event. Other updates:
Update 6: Close Call for Sagan
Update 7: Stuck on a mountain
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High5 Electrolyte Review
During these hot times you can definitely use some extra electrolytes in your hydration while cycling. This review of the High5 tablets came in right on time for the long rides in the sun!
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