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The first weeks has flown by. We’ve seen our project come alive and it has been thrilling. Our contributors has done a great job by sharing their favourite knowledge with us and we would like to start by giving these extraordinary people a huge thank you. Secondly, we would like to thank all our new members who signed up this weeks. Every new member warms our hearts and we hope that you will enjoy Velonode as much as we do!

We’ll soon enable all members to collect, curate and share there best cycling tips. If you don’t want to wait, apply to become a contributor by e-mailing us at as we’re welcoming a couple of new contributors to initiate the exciting continuation with Velonode.

Top picks 001
We are highlighting a handful of amazing posts that has been submitted this week, be sure to check them out:

Road: Why We Play – Evelyn Stevens via @emil

Mountain: Lake District trails via @patrik

Cyclocross: it’s all in the details by @martin

Track: the classic bike rarity by @timothypulleyn


Touring: with a fat bike via @patrik

Travel: City not to miss when in Belgium via @jessicalowengren

Graphic: Illustrations inspired by cycling via @zuperdehlie

Technology: 64 gram derailleur via @ewlmr

City: riders, the newcomers via @lars

Historical:  Meet DIDI, EL DIABLO! via @diegocagnato

Photo in the header is taken by contributor Simon Nieborak, follow @delayedpleasure

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