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hills, foxes and legs


Hi Jonas. You just rode you 300 kilometers brevet. What’s the thing with riding a 300 k brevet in a cold rainy spring day like the last Saturday?

I don’t know… I actually don’t have any good answer on that. Would it be a violation of good publicity if I didn’t answer that question?

I guess it wouldn’t.  Go on tell me the story then.

At 08:00, five brave souls left a gas station in Västerås to ride CK Distans’ 300k brevet. Four of us quickly formed a group and rode the tailwinds west.


The first control was in Fellingsbro, 70k from the start, and we arrived after just two hours in the saddle. I refueled on chocolate and water and got my brevet card stamped. I removed a broken spoke from my rear wheel and then we were off again.


On our way to the second control, the rain came. And the hills. At 150k we stopped at the control, a gas station in Grythyttan, for more chocolate and stamps. I decided to let the other three go on without me as they were much faster climbers.

The remaining half would be ridden solo.

The 50k between second and third control were relaxing. Riding alone in my own pace and I pulled out my camera for the first in-ride-shots of the day. The rain had stopped and I pedaled on.


I reached the third control after a couple of hours. Kopparberg, 200k from the start. More chocolate. Another stamp. I was tempted to stop for a pizza, but I decided to continue riding and not waste precious daytime.

Shortly thereafter, I passed the highest point of the ride. I don’t remember much from the following 50k, just the temperature drop and snow and ice by the road.


A fox ran across the road.


Skinnskatteberg, 250k, a gas station, coffee and the last but one stamp. The first cup of coffee for more than nine hours.

Now it’s just about 60k left. About 2h 30min depending on my legs.

I pedaled on. 30k left. Familiar roads. 15k left.


I arrived at 20:02, after more than 12 hours in the saddle.

I get my last stamp, a cup of coffee and a cinnamon bun.


What gear did you ride on?

My main road bike was missing a front dérailleur at the moment, so i used my Specialized Crux Elite X1 2016 CX bike. Standard equipped except for the tires, a pair of Michelin Pro4 I got from Thomas at Bianchi Café & Cycles. I had only one bottle cage with a 750 ml bottle since it was just 50-80k between the controls.

Tell us about your stops. Was the coffee good?

I didn’t drink that much coffee, just three cups. One before the start, one in Skinnskatteberg after 250k and the last one, when i got back to the start.

What did you wear?

My traditional spring ride outfit: Rapha Classic Winter Tights, merino long sleeve base layer and a windproof Void Hyper Ride Jersey.


What’s next then?

Probably the 400k May 7. I’ve also been invited to join a Flèche Nordique-team the week after that, but I haven’t decided yet. Sverigetempot in July.