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Featured items:
Woolight Jersey White / Small / €109
Climber’s Bib Short Black / Medium / €159



Isadore is perhaps the most recent newcomer, and one that’s emerged from nowhere and quickly found their own way. Created by Mr. Peter Velits, and Mr. Martin Velits, the twin brothers who both are currently racing in UCI World Tour teams (Etixx-Quickstep and BMC, respectively) founded their own brand with roots and production in Slovakia. Their minimalistic aesthetics combined with innovative patterns and materials, it looks like they’re on the right track.

Isadore Woolight Jersey

This lightweight wool blend jersey stands out with it’s highly breathable waffle textured fabric and minimal styling. A part of the small logo on the collar and on the rear pocket, this jersey is clean. The material is ‘bi-merino’ which means it’s 23% merino wool and 77% polyester. This results in a jersey that weighs close to nothing and moves with your body very freely.


The collar is cut high which present the jersey with added class and Isadore use a traditional sleeve cut at the shoulder which helps to accentuate the wearers shoulders in a very flattering way.


Arms are cut to a very traditional length, too, not going for the more modern ‘aero-styled’ sleeves that extend almost to the elbow. Isadore names the fit ‘slim’, but I’d argue to say it’s regular. If you want the jersey to be casually snug, without being tight – then you could stick with your normal jersey size. But if you’re after something that’s a bit more skin-fitting, then we’d recommend you to size down.


The rear pocket is fitted with a reflective patch and a loop hole through a zipped pocket. The size of the pockets are just perfect, and they store just about everything you want to have in there, and nothing you don’t.


Isadore Climber’s Bib Shorts

The bib shorts are constructed with a unique pattern and selection of fabrics that blend together very well. The fabrics are very stretchy with a nice elasticity to them, hugging the legs perfectly without restricting any movement. The leg grippers are distinct and really do their job perfectly. The legs are cut longer than normal, which is not to everyone’s liking, but we liked the fact that they would go a couple of centimeters further down the legs than anything else in this test.


The pad is produced by TMF using Airmesh, which is a 100% recyclable material, rendering this pad the first ecological pad in the world. The pad is indeed very breathable, light and provides plenty of comfort for medium to long rides.



Featured items:
VOID Solid Jersey Burgundy / Small / €110
VOID Bib Shorts Black / Medium / €160



Vision of Infinity Defined, that’s the definition of the name of this relatively new Swedish brand. VOID, who like many other are crafting cycling apparel, quickly found their own niche and aren’t mistaken for anyone else. Combining smart seam placement with great fit and a mixture between very distinct and very subtle pieces, VOID offer cycling apparel cut for the modern cyclist.

VOID Solid Jersey



Gothenburg-based VOID is going for a modern and aerodynamically cut jersey with raglan sleeves and a minimalistic collar. The raglan sleeves offer close to perfect, wrinkle-free fit. The arms are cut mid-arm, with a 3cm tall silicone gripper that holds the arm in place. While testing all jerseys from four different brands (all in the same size), it was very clear that the arms at the VOID Solid Jersey proved to be the best fitting.


The otherwise clean jersey that just features a highly discrete logo on the front has the recognizable VOID pattern on the anti-chafing flap on the jersey. A nice detail that adds some personality to this minimalistic piece.


Instead of going for a silicone injected fabric, VOID has opted for a elasticated band to keep everything in place. It works flawlessly, but perhaps removes some of the minimalistic feeling that this jersey is otherwise presenting. The pockets are stretchy though, which means they fit snug to your back regardless of being filled to the top or completely empty.

VOID Bib Shorts


The VOID Bib Shorts use a pattern that’s a bit similar to Rapha, with smart seam placement. Longevity of shorts are often determined by where the seams are placed, and when there are no seams that could chafe against the saddle, the likeliness of the shorts wearing out because of seam failure is much less.


Pad is made by LaFonte, and is one of the most comfortable we’ve tried. At €150, you’re getting a pant that can handle both fast and long rides.


Featured items:
Rapha Core Jersey Black / Small / €100
Rapha Core Bib Shorts Black / Medium / €150



The British luxury brand that started out as heritage garments for a past age is now reinventing themselves to renew their image but still staying true to their roots. The newest collection from Rapha is called ‘Core’ – garments that fuse the design, fit and comfort that cyclists have come to love about the brand with a price tag that is much lower. This has been made possible by reusing fabrics and optimizing production while minimizing waste.

Rapha Core Jersey

The Rapha Core Jersey feels like any other garment from Rapha; well-constructed, well-fitting and very thought-out. Since we’ve gotten to know the brand quite well over the last couple of years spent on a bike, our expectations are always high when it comes to new products from this interesting producer. Rapha does not disappoint, however, despite having a new aim for their new Core collection that came with a much lower price point. Considering the very high standards of this jersey, we’d say it’s their most valuable product yet.


A low-cut collar that’s sewn in layers provides a very sleek look and looks like something that belongs on a much pricier garment. Considering it’s “only” €100, it felt very generous and luxurious. The collar fits true to size and has a small protection flap to prevent chafing of the zipper.


The double-layer detail that we saw on the collar is also present on the sleeve, tying the look together for this understated piece. The traditional Rapha arm-band is featuring a sturdier material on the inside, giving it a wrinkle-free look for instant recognition without being distinct.


The jersey also featured a split ending, that is injected with silicone grippers on the rear, and a double-folded fabric in the front. Perhaps some grip in the front would improve the fit while riding slightly, but the rear grippers does a good job to keep the jersey in place when your pockets are stuffed.


Jersey pockets are not extremely generous, but certainly not small. A zipped, weatherproof pocket detail decorate the right pocket and gives you a logic place to store your phone or any other weather-sensitive item.

Rapha Core Bib Shorts


Using a fabric that reminds me of their 2010 Pro Team Bib shorts give the pants a very comfortable skin-hugging fit that moves with your skin, not against it. They’ve developed a good seam pattern over the years and there are hardly anything chafing with your saddle, which is good for longevity of the shorts. The bib straps are designed with a completely open back – something that feels a bit strange at first but quickly became one of our most appreciated features.


Chamois pad is traditionally comfortable, made by CyTech, and helps you stay free of saddle sores even during the longest rides. The logos are very sleek, and are only seen in certain angles of light. The legs are finished with silicone grippers that sit easy on your muscles and doesn’t clamp but still works very well.


Featured items:
La Passione Summer Jersey Square Blue / Small €69
La Passione Summer Bib Shorts Classic Blue / Medium €105



Despite many other brands going for the most understated look they can, La Passione is doing the opposite and they’re not shy to show their Italian roots and heritage. And with La Passione being produced by the same hands as some of the biggest names in the circus, it’s instantly noticed how quality is one of the key words of their recent collections.

La Passione Summer Jersey Square


With a fit being ‘pro-cut’ and multiple fabric construction, the La Passione Summer Jersey Square is very comfortable. And yes, the fit is tight – don’t attempt down-sizing! A mid cut collar creates a fashionable look both on and off the bike and the traditional sleeves give the wearer a well-presented look. Front panel fabric is very light and airy, and does a good job of keeping you cool while staying flat against your skin.


Not shy of their Italian roots, the small flat decorate the rear part of the collar and the back side of the jersey features a heavier fabric that also has some texture to it and with more stretch, to maintain a perfect fit.


The back is perfectly cut with great size elastic pockets that doesn’t stretch out too much even with the heaviest stuffing. Silicone grippers to keep everything in place.


The arms are cut quite long, which in addition to the traditional sleeves give this jersey a very modern and handsome silhouette. We enjoyed the white zipper that blends in with the design flawlessly.

La Passione Summer Bib Shorts Square


La Passione Summer Bib Shorts Square are sewn with a simple pattern that provides both comfort and fit. Differently colored leg ends also has silicone gripper for minimal unwanted movement. The CyTech pad is the same that’s used and made famous by Rapha, and promises great all-day comfort in this competitively priced item.


A part from the navy blue fabric and the colored leg ends, these pants are minimalistic both in terms of seams and design elements. A small piece of reflective fabric is sewn into the seam and gives some visibility for low-light riding such as in tunnels.

Thanks to Isadore Apparel, Rapha, VOID & La Passione.

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