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the products

What/which products is the most popular right now? Why do you think your customers like this/these products?
Right now we are still selling a lot of nice fixed gear and classy single speed builds. But we also see that there is a serious growth in commuters and especially road bikes. We are now building road bikes for the same guys we built fixed gears some time ago. With riding more, further and with higher speeds and in groups to a lot of riders it’s the normal step to switch to a geared bike and see it as a sport. Besides bikes there is a big interest in security. We are happy to see more and more interest in helmets and lights.

What/which products are you anticipating the most? Why do you think your customers will like this/these products?
As the season is coming we think some cross bikes will find a new home. In general we anticipate the road bike scene to grow just as more and more of the younger city riders are getting into it and making it more interessting for the other cool kids that are still thinking it’s something for old men. Right now in Berlin there are already some really nice groups riding every week together. Just as our Feierabendrunde every thursday that’s starting and ending at our shop.

What does your customer look like? Why does someone go to your store?
Our customer is pretty much everybody that’s interessted in a nice bike. From mid thirty commuters looking for one of our stylish steel frames, couriers getting parts or their bikes repaired quick and grabbing a coffee, students getting a sportif low pro track bike or roadies building their dream bike. And of course there are a lot of none cyclists just enjoing a great coffee. We are happy that our shop is a place where people, cyclists or not, just hang out and feel comfortable.


the atmosphere

How has the cyclist changed in the last couple of years, from your point of view?
Not all of them change. Some stayed exactly the same. But of course there is some kind of evolution we witnessed over the years. It starts with the bike as transportation, then you like to ride faster through the city and get the fun of it. Then you think about making your first ride out of town. Liking that you may think about new material and longer rides. This goes on and on and some day you think about getting your diet right and making rice cakes yourself.

This is an evolution that will still happen to cyclists. But now there are more and more entering the state of getting road cyclist or racing fixed crits – taking cycling serious and making it more fun at the same time due to new challenges.

Since you started in the business, what difference in the market can you notice?
First of all people are more into getting their very own unique bike. People love to select their parts and then see it coming together and take it out for the first ride. More people are looking for a dream bike instead for just a two wheeled form of transportation. And dream bike does not mean it’s always a fortune that has to be spent, but getting a bike that fits my needs and style.

What’s the future in cycling related shopping?
Of course there is this online shopping thing. But hey, there is always a competion and we have the advantage of coffee and smiling faces.

the boutique

What’s the history behind your shop? Who founded it, and when?
The brand and our shop was founded by my friend and boss Max von Senger. During studying industrial design he started designing his on frames as he wanted a new track bike with classic looks. Not as loud (designwise) as a lot of bikes that were around that time. As the idea was growing he decided to build a space where he can also sell these bikes. One thing lead to another and now the shop is open for more than two years.

Do you have any shop motto or philosophy that you work by?
The shop is a place where you should feel comfortable, no matter if you are hanging out or working here. To us it’s more a living room than an office. We’re not having any rules or philosophy we stick to to have fun but there is a real thing going on here with asian waving cats.

What makes your shop unique?
Maybe it’s the waving cats. Maybe it’s our bikes. Maybe it’s our coffee. Maybe it’s the music mix that’s playing all day. Maybe it’s the time you can have here. I think you should come by and decide yourself.

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