Who are you, what do you do for a living and how did you get into cycling?
My name is Anna Jansson and I’m working as a teacher. I started to ride two years ago. I don’t really know why but something draw me to cycling. I read up and borrowed a road bike from a friend. It was love at first sight and five days later I spontaneously bought my own road bike.

What does cycling mean to you?
I believe that when you find your thing, regardless if it’s running, yoga or biking it becomes easy to do it. That’s how cycling was to me. It was like finding your way home. Cycling means freedom, sweat and challenge. Nowadays it’s my main type of training and without it I become “difficult to live with” according to my boyfriend.

What does your riding look like? Where do you ride, and with who?
I ride a lot of sessions where you just chit chat with a friend and explore new paths and trails in the forest. It doesn’t usually go very fast, but sometimes I push hard and sometimes we take it easier. My favorite ride is with a friend or with my cycling club La Lepre Stanca. We’re running by the motto “speed after fellow” and it really is that way. Everyone is keeping up!

Why do you ride? What motivates you to get out there?
I think it’s the sensation of freedom. To just blaze through at speed. Or just the movement of pedals. Riding makes me calm. It’s my way of relaxing. But I also enjoy the misery sessions in two degrees and slush snow. Then you definitely feel you’re alive!

What is your favorite place to ride?
I like Jönköping. It’s a city which has everything. Good opportunities for mountain biking and a lot of great stretches of tarmac for road cycling. I’m also discovery Västervik, on the east coast. It’s a whole new type of mountain biking compared to what I have in Jönköping, but also very fun!

What do you enjoy when you’re off the bike?
Weight lifting and spending time with friends. Jokes aside, I like training and many of my friends does too, but I wouldn’t say no to a delicious piece of dinner and some red wine either.

What is your plans for the future? Do you have any exciting projects or dreams?
It’s quite empty in the calendar right now. During the spring I did both Paris-Roubaix and the Vätternrundan (swedish 300km brevet) in less than 7 days. After that I was pretty exhausted and I’ve been recovering since. But the autumn presents some mountain bike races and I haven’t yet decided how next year will look like.

What is the best and worst with cycling?
I’d say that the friendship and the speed. Whether it’s on a mountain bike or on the road. The worst thing would be the urge to constantly get new gadgets and upgrade stuff. But that’s a bit of the delight, as well.

What does your perfect ride look like?
A discovery-ride beside a hiking trail. Happy friends, sunshine (not too warm) and nice riding.

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