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Velonode was founded on the belief that while the digital realm of cycling is bustling with content and creators, there is no single place that showcases all the content, breadth and glory of the sport. The founders, Lars Hansson and Linus Andreen, wanted to create a service that reduced friction and saved time by collecting and curating great content. The result – Velonode –  a utility for discovery, and a platform to connect people from around the world and enable them to create great things together.

Velonode believes in the power of uniting people to exchange, generate and spread their passion for cycling, and that’s why the platform is built first and foremost to serve its members. Through curated, generated content and a deep passion for all aspects of cycling, Velonode members can take part in the most comprehensive and global collection of specific knowledge within cycling.

Since all of Velonode’s members have different interests, we have made it possible to personalize your feed to get to the content you are interested in most. All the content is available for everyone and through various of settings and filters you can define what is most relevant to you. This makes Velonode the go-to place where you discover and share inspiration for cycling and find great products that are of interest to you.

”For me, as a cyclist with a big passion for both riding bikes and also taking part of all good things about cycling online, I couldn’t find the perfect place where I could easily choose what was relevant for me. I thought that there must be a better way of collecting curated content”; says Lars Hansson, founder of Velonode. ”The idea for Velonode came from the insight that other people have the same problem as I and if we could use the power of internet to help others, on a dedicated platform, that would give us relevant content, easy to find and generated from its users.

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Velonodes’ vision is to create and maintain a digital platform that is filled with collected, curated and user-generated content about cycling. The Velonode feed is curated by chosen contributors that all have different interests within cycling and come from varied parts of the world. In the near future all members will be able to take part and become curators of the feed and further share great content. If a member doesn’t want to wait, they can apply by sending Velonode an email at

“We noticed that our members had their own interesting and personal stories that they wanted to share with the world. So we created an editorial part where we publish these stories, interviews, guides and other interesting projects that do not always fit into the mainstream bike magazines.”, Lars continues.

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The format is picture-based with a text length that has a ‘mobile first’ mindset, published directly and gathered into different editorial sections to various issues over time. The website is the hub for all Velonode related parts such as the feed, issues and upcoming Velonode video, podcasts and much more.

Velonode grows and develops according to their user’s behavior and preferences. Born as a truly global network, Velonode has boasted global members from Curitiba (Brazil), Los Angeles (USA), Kålmården (Sweden), Rotterdam (The Netherlands), Leeds (UK) and many more places around the world.

This is just the beginning. Take part today, and start to shape tomorrow’s digital home for all that’s inspirational within the world of cycling.

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Photography by Patrik Engström

Lars Hansson,
Linus Andreen,

About Velonode:
Velonode is a small digital startup based in Stockholm, Sweden, founded by Lars Hansson and Linus Andreen.

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