rapha aerosuit


We spent time both training and racing in the Rapha Pro Team Skinsuit, and can finally present our full review of this interesting piece.

First of all, let’s talk fabrics. Usually when it comes to skinsuits, pros get one thing, and we get another. Not what’s going on here. Rapha actually lets everyone gain from the Team Sky marginal gains and it feels great to ride in a piece that you know is aerodynamically tested and proven by some of the best riders out there.

There’s basically three different parts to the suit; the bottom, the body and the sleeves – all with different fabrics and in properties. We’ll start from the bottom.


The bottom “bib” part is made of a compressive and stretchy fabric that hugs your legs but doesn’t restrict movement. The fit is snug, but not overly tight and they have printed silicone to the raw leg ends to make sure nothing moves.


Then, we come to the body part of the suit. And here, the fabric is very lightweight and very stretchy. It is not compressive and would account for many different body types with an incredibly adaptive fit.

There’s also a full-length zipper with openings in both ends (although it’s a bit too short to actually be able to take a leak in it, perhaps there are other reasons for letting us opening the zipper from the bottom and up).


The suit also has a collar, which fits well when riding but is a bit warped when standing up – not critique, more of a pointer for those who care about café stop style.

collar backcollar

On the rear, there are three pockets with the signature Rapha Pro Team branding in reflective black as well. A nice touch. The pockets aren’t huge, but generous enough hold stuff as gilets, tubes and stuff. They look compressed both stuffed and empty, which is something we really care about. The pocket inside has a breathable mesh fabric for enhanced breathability and it’s something that makes a difference when riding at high intensity.


Last piece of the suit is the sleeves, which is a new and aerodynamically proven fabric. One sleeve has the Rapha logo printed very subtle and it’s a great sign of the style awareness that Rapha has. This thing looks good on and off the bike.

sleeve armend

The Pro Team Aerosuit is essentially a versatile skinsuit for any day, every day and race day. The suit is very comfortable, which speaks for using it lots. The suit fit is really good and we didn’t see wrinkles nor hear fabric flapping while riding. We also like the sensation of wearing a heavily tested garment that’s proven by the professionals. This thing is cut for riding though, and won’t be the comfiest garment for long café stops.

The price of €240 is competitive and we feel like you’re getting more durability and versatility buying the Rapha suit than anything else we’ve tried in this category.

For us, it’s the perfect garment for the club rider who wishes to gain an edge over mates, or the racer who desire proven aero-technology.


Thanks to Rapha for letting us review the Pro Team Aerosuit.

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