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    Editorial – Review: Fizik Kurve

    With braided carbon rails these saddles are nothing short of being real masterpieces. Different from other saddle brands, Fizik steps out as a genuine brand that focus on quality above anything else.

    They are known for quite traditional shapes and thinking, but is leaving their rumored comfort zone behind with the new range; Kurve.

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    • Great piece!
      So many things getting introduced right now. What’s your take on the new S–works Power saddle? Interested to hear your thoughts (eventhough you’re sponsored by another brand ;))

    • I’m super-eager to try it out. Not yet available for purchase in EU but I’ll see if I can get my hands on one asap!

      It’s looking like something I might be able to enjoy. I love my Romin Evo saddle but I’m spending far too much time on the nose and not enough in the back (where the true gains are). The power might be the ultimate low-and-hard-riding saddle!