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Thanks to our local distributor, Strada Bike in Denmark, we were able to try the 65mm clincher version with DT240 hubs and put them up for a good review.

Unboxing these wheels meant instantly noticing their super wide (28mm) rim profiles, but also their propietary and very good looking quick relases. Diamond shaped details offer great grip and they have impressive clamping power.



As technical details go, these wheels weight just over 1600 grams with DT240 hubs. Competitive versus Zipp, Enve and other big names, but not the lightest hoops one can find.

I seated both Continental GP4000S II’s in 25mm and S-Works Turbo 24mm tires, and found that the latter would be a lot smoother around the rim shape, despite the very wide rims.


Here are Continental GP4000S II in 25mm width. Well fitted, but not perfect!


Build quality feels strong, and they are true out of the box (as you’d expect). When I started to ride them, I thought they felt more buttery-smooth than anything else I’ve tried in a while. So far so good!

In today’s modern carbon era, we’re able to find wheels at almost any price range, any height and all sorts of rim profiles. The Knight Composites wheels distinguish themselves by being ‘more aero’ – something that’s hard for us to test but as experienced carbon wheel set riders, we could feel a certain key differences compared to other high end competitors.

Riding the Knight 65

The Knight wheels are really stiff. Like really, really stiff. I was surprised they wasn’t harsher than they were, because I’ve never felt more direct power transfer. Rim deflection was pretty much zero and they made me feel very connected to my bike. That’s a big thumbs up.

Test riding these wheels on the TT bike as well, gave me valuable insight in crosswind handling and long time trial style riding. While I can’t judge their aerodynamic performance with anything other than feelings, but I must say they held speed very well. I got home with a couple of Strava personal records and they handled crosswinds just as good as Zipp 404 FC’s, or better.


However, 65mm clinchers are always weighty, and while they are very competitive in their range and actually lighter than some of the big name, it’s not the same sensation getting tubular rims up to speed. While there, though, they carry speed with mind-blowing ease.

During one of my test rides, I was struck with heavy rain. At first I was a bit concerned, but I was quickly relieved with the confident braking. I used the supplied Knight brake pads, and don’t know how they perform with SwissStops, but I was certainly impressed.

Final thoughts & rider profile

So what’s the verdict? Do I believe they’re some of the fastest wheels around? Well, yes – on a flatter courses. Wheels of this heights will never be the starts of mountainous courses. These wheels are very ‘all-round’ and would not make any rider disappointed, the Knight Composites 65 Clinchers excel in high speeds, gusty winds and poor conditions.


The good
– great aerodynamic performance
– impressive crosswind characteristics
– super stiff, but not super harsch
– very confident wet braking

The bad
– i’d love better looking decals, however they do come in black too
– limited rim options at the moment (only clinchers)*

*Tubular rims introduced in 2016


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