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Where do you come from and how did the idea for funeral cycling spark?
We come from Vancouver, BC. The idea for Funeral came to us one day when we were out on a ride and were talking about how we were wearing all black, so that became the basis of the concept.

What’s your idea with your products and what’s unique with your products?
The first product we launched were some tee shirts done by our friend who runs Explorers Press. They were on a fairly limited run, so those who were in the know snatched them up fairly quickly. Currently we have our kits out which are manufactured with Endo Customs, who are top notch and it’s nice to keep things being made on this continent with other small companies. If the kit sales go well, we hope to release another design later. In addition to putting out limited runs of product, we try to focus on fairly minimal designs, some stuff out there can get way too flashy, even if it is for the sake of novelty.

velonode-funeral-02 velonode-funeral-03

What are your plans, visions and hopes for the future?
I work as a graphic designer and photographer, and Kyle Scully is also a well established photographer. We both have quite different styles visually which creates a solid dynamic. In the future we hope to put out a few projects that are media related telling stories of our rides or travels. We respect to small businesses and DIY production, we’ve always been in talks of putting out self-published materials that people would want to own, not just for the content but the design as well. We’re just waiting for the right trip to come into place and provide the ideal content.

Why “Funeral”?
From the black kits and bikes, we’ve all heard the comments about cyclists not being visible enough to cars but there’s been close calls no matter what you wear, so there’s a bit of irony in the name as well. If someone isn’t paying attention, they’re not paying attention and that’s where accidents happen. There’s also a massive bag of jokes to reach into with lines like “Don’t get buried” or “Kill the competition” but at the end of the day we just thoroughly enjoy the entertainment of rap music and road cycling… Also fine whiskey and beers.

What do believe your future products will be inspired by?
Good whiskey. But in all seriousness, we just want to have fun with things and not be too serious. If we produce something it’s going to be something our friends and us would enjoy ourselves. Hopefully if we keep it different enough to still be individuals, there’s a niche in cycling that also is into what we’re doing.

velonode-funeral-01 velonode-funeral-05

More photos by Kyle:

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