forte aventure


Born in Lublin, Poland and specialized in action photography, Milton Keynes (UK) based Szymon Nieborak focus on adrenaline replete biking. He is interested in a variety of disciplines; freestyle bmx, freeride, fixed gear, downhill and dirt jumping. The tonality of his photography is delicate, with a combination of high speed, tall jumps and capturing stunts by great athletes in the viewfinder of his Canon camera. Szymon likes to freeze the unique moment when a rider is showcasing his or her amazing skills.

This time Szymon followed two brothers, Blake and Ray Samson to immortalize the gripping moment in unique black, sharp and hostile environment of Fuerteventura, Canary Islands.

Szymon-1 Szymon-2 Szymon-3 Szymon-4 Szymon-5 Szymon-6 Szymon-7 Szymon-8

Szymon-9 Szymon-10 Szymon-11 Szymon-12 Szymon-13_1

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