cycling stockholm

words and photography by Emil Rosenberg

That shop which doesn’t look like much from outside.


This is that shop.

This shop is very exciting. If it’s your first time here – you’ll probably feel disoriented. It’s basically chaos theory in a bike shop.

Before you meet the owner, you might be sceptical to this way of organizing stuff. But talk to Richard and you’ll immediately notice that the person who personalize ‘service-minded’ has everything covered.

The shop is based in a two floor building. Upstairs, they have all their goods. They carry a very inconventional stock, with products ranging from small brands to large masterpiece giants.

I got the feeling that they have selected exactly what they want to sell. There’s little stock-politics here. When I was there, bike stock equaled Ridley, Argon 18, some Merida frames, a BH road bike, a few Principia, a De Rosa, an old Colnago frame, and a couple of fixed frames that I didn’t recognize.

Go down one floor, and you’re in the workshop.

The staff of Cycling Stockholm are true enthusiasts. The love for riding bikes is vibrant in the air of their shop. As far as the industry goes at the moment, I really admire those who stay in business because they love what they do. This is a bike shop that takes pride in delivering the best service they can. And that’s worth supporting.

During my visit the owner was repairing a Klein bike with an epic paintscheme. And talking in the phone. At the same time. I know how to change a bottom bracket, but I’d never be able to do it while speaking to another client on the phone.

The tools tell alot of the shop. New, shiny and high end tools gossip of a shop that’s not used so much. I like to see the heavy duty tools that has a history that extends beyond my own lifetime.

Good tools that tell a story of heavy usage but minimal wear because of the mechanic’s careful hand. The tools in this shop tells a story of frequent, careful and confident hands and many satisfied customers.

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Shop name: Cycling Stockholm
Location: Nortullsgatan 39 – Stockholm, Sweden.
Www: cycling-stockholm.se/
Disciplines/focus: road bikes, fixed gear, single speed, commuters
Do you repair bikes? Yes.
Do you serve coffee? No.
Brands:  A myriad of brands. If you’re looking for something rare or unique, come here.

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