chrono d’italia

The first grand tour of the season. The anxiety is high among riders and their staff. Everyone is looking for the best preparation and none looks very relaxed. It’s the first stage, of the first tour, but it’s still so important.

While the time gains or losses are quite insignificant this early in the race, it’s the statement of being in form, in focus and in mental state to conquer your opponents that the teams are looking for. When you’re at a grand tour, you’re not trying to make any friends.

The racing of Giro d’Italia is one thing. But the spectators, fans and seeing whole towns committing to the race is what makes it so incredible.

Wherever you go, pink details make themselves noticed on houses and in the streets. This is the Italian people welcoming the race with their arms wide open.

The team time trial is a spectacular event. The teams race in raging speeds, take corners tight and with seemingly no safety marginals and sacrifice themselves completely just to grab a second or two whenever they can.

It’s the most technical event of cycling, trying to coordinate a team of individual riders – all different in time trial capability and keeping the team going fast as a unit.

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