christian lengyel

Do you have a favourite training session?
I really like riding fast and I like to be stuck in that „TT flow“. I do intervalls 98% of my training time on my TT bike. I would say I like the 2 x (2 +8) training session the most.

It starts with 2 minutes at 120% of your FTP and then continous at FTP. Powerwise and speedwise this pretty much simulates a race. I also like the bloody hard 3 minute efforts, but when I do these I don’t feel „yeah, this is great“ more like „here comes the pain“ (like that Slayer song) (laughs).

What’s your warm up like? Always the same procedure or different for different courses?
My warm up is always on the trainer. It´s mostly about 15 – 20 minutes long. I don’t really have a certain plan that I stick to. For me it is important to sit on the trainer and get In the mood.

I start easy, go up to L5 and then some bursts. Almost every warm-up looks like this but I am not super strict about the time I spend in the power zones. I try to listen to my legs when they are ready. So yes, it is always the same.

What goes on in your head during a TT?
Most times, my thoughts are about the pacing, my position, the wind and how I feel in general. I try to keep calm and remind myself to keep the head down, shoulders narrow and to pedal smoothly.

I always split my TT’s into small pieces. I think this makes it easier to stay focused.

Easiest mistakes to do in a time trial?
Ha that’s easy: Of course starting way to fast and blow off midway. I guess this is something that happend to all of us in the beginning.

What are your top 3 training tips?
– First, in my opinion it is important to train and spend time on the TT bike.

– Second, train that kind of intensity that you need for your most important race and simulate a race situation from time to time.

– And the third one is not really a training tip, but for me it was important to have the datafields I need on my Garmin. It took me a little bit to figure it out.

And with this the next one goes hand in hand: I have a field with the normalized power of the current lap. It was important for my pacing to lap during a race.

Can you describe the thinking behind your current aero position?
There is not so much thinking about it. Of course I had a bike fitting to find my most eficient position, but since then I didn’t change it.

The good thing about it was that at the beginning of the year I knew I had a good position and don’t need to play around with it. Sometimes I think another helmet would fit better, but I need I helmet where I can hide my hair, so this one’s the best coice (laugh).

What are your next races and big goals?
With the victory at the amatuer national TT I achived something, I had in my head over the last few months. It was my biggest sucess and a big relief. So it’s hard to say. Of course I want to be as fast as I can at the last couple of TT races that are left this season. We do have a great race here in Austria by the end of Semptember. It’s around a lake in Upper Austria and it’s 47km long.

I had a blast there last year and it would be great to finish it under the magic 1 hour mark, but we’ll see. And something new I want to try is the 4000m pursuit national race on the track. This discipline fascinates me and I think it could fit me quite well, but I don’t really have any experience and so my ambitions are just showing up and going as fast as I can.

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