belgian boys club

Who are you guys and how did BBC start?
We are two best mates (a designer and a marketer) who had once read a quote that said something like ‘do what you love, then try make money doing it’.  We love cycling, we love Belgium, so we thought let’s create the Belgian Boys Club.  With no money we decided to test the idea using social media and determine if there was a community as fixated with Belgium’s cycling culture as we were.  Turns out there are and our followers have grown considerably over the last two years.  So we have achieved our goal of doing what we love, but we are a long way off of making money doing it!

Are you guys cyclists yourselves, and how is cycling a heritage in your company?
We have raced road bikes from our teens and still race at the top amateur level today (with less and less success).  The Belgian Boys Club is built around Belgium’s long and wonderful cycling history and this is part of our DNA.  When Spring comes around, Belgium awakes from its Wintery slumber, and you can feel the atmosphere associated with the Spring Classics.

What’s the goal with BBC?
BBC has been created to provide an opportunity for cycling enthusiasts around the world to feel like they are one of us, to transform them to the cobbled climbs, which are unique to this country.  Our goal is to provide our customers with a sense of belonging to the Belgian cycling culture.

Do you have any key words to describe BBC?
Exclusive. Prestigious. Committed.

Where’s is BBC based and where do you manufacture your products?
We are based in Belgium but our manufacturing is conducted in Italy.  Belgium has a relatively small textiles industry and it was decided that Italy with its long history of cycling apparel manufacturing, would be our preferred supplier.

How does the future with BBC look? Do you have any interesting projects coming up?
This entire process has been organic, so for us the future is very much dependent on what our followers and customers want from us.  Should our fans want to come to Ronde van Vlaanderen in 2015 and drink beers on the Oude Kwaremont, then we look to do this.

Do you want to spoil any interesting news?
We are in the process of designing some fantastic cycling kit built around Eddy Merckx’s hour record attempt in Mexico City in 1972 as well as a kit that highlights Roger de Vlaeminck’s time riding for Brooklyn Chewing Gum.

What will your new product range represent?
Our product range represents a commitment to quality and exclusivity.  We only produce limited numbers of kit (50) to ensure each piece is worn with pride.  There is no compromise to our values.

From where do you get inspiration?
Our inspiration is derived from Belgium’s deeply entrenched cycling history, its past and present heroes, as well as the insatiable appetite of the Belgian cycling fans.  But above all it is the cobbles that inspire us, whilst at the same time try to destroy us!

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