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British Team Sky headed to the Amgen Tour of California with a strong squad that included Sir Bradley Wiggins aiming for the general classification.



Today we start stage 1 of Tour of California.

The nutrient-packed fruit juices he prepare every day is a nice touch to a already neat menu for tired riders.



I’m preparing a vegetable juice for the boys every day. It’s made of different types of vegetables and some fruit. It’s very healthy and the nutrient is kept.

Already on the second day, Wiggins’ form revealed itself and with an average speed of 51.5km/h, he claimed the leader’s jersey after the 20.1km individual time trial in Folsom past the infamous prison and through the downtown district.


We’re using a bit different equipment here in the USA than what we’re used to, but it works anyway!


My trailer has become a well visited place during this tour, which is great fun.

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Henrik Orre’s food looks incredibly delicious as always and we’re in no doubt that the riders are enjoying the nutrition every day during the hot Californian Tour.

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Transfers is common in stage-races and Henrik is driving his own mobile kitchen in the Sky-caravan towards Monterey.


The temperature of the race is high but some stages has been over the expectations. Reports of over 40 degrees celsius and according to Henrik, 15-20 bottles per rider a day is nothing unusual in these conditions.

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The strong determination and great effort of the team brought home the overall victory for Sir Bradley Wiggins and the collection of prizes, in this case bears, has grown throughout the week.

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We achieved our goal, and won the Amgen Tour of Californa! Tomorrow we’re going home.

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