Velonode is a curated platform for user generated cycling stories, inspiration and knowledge.

We believe in the power of bringing people together to exchange, generate and spread their passion for cycling. So we created a service that reduce friction and save time by collecting and curate great content.

The platform is built to serve it’s members, with the goal that all members will be enabled to take part and build the widest collection of specific knowledge within cycling.

All our members has different interests, so we made it possible to personalize your feed to get the content you are interested in. This makes Velonode the go to place where you discover and share inspiration in the world of bicycling, and to find great products that are relevant to you.

Velonode thrives to find and enable collaborations between our members and brands. To connect people around the world and help them to create great things together.

Contact us

For brands that want to know more about how they can communicate through advertorials and other collaborations with Velonode and our members, please write us: sales@velonode.cc

For members
If you are an member that want to apply to become a contributor, if you have other questions or just want to say hi, please write us: hello@velonode.cc

If you have an idea that you are passionated about, and you want our help by connecting you with other members and brands. The idea might be to produce local race, to start your own team, to challange the other members etc, please write to us at: hello@velonode.cc


ODE Group AB

Velonode is a part of the Stockholm based startup company ODE Group AB. www.ode-group.com


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