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words by WEOUTDOOR Stylized and photography by Brazo del Hierro, Weoutdoor, Quique Bueno, Lino Escuris

Every now and then, you see a brand that manages to put a complete new style and touch to things. This is one of those types of brands.

We’re glad to introduce WEOUTDOOR and give an exclusive insight in this spanish clothing company who are creating a reputation for their unique colorful designs. 

Who are you?
Mainly, two guys at 31 and 34 years of age. Architect and Economist respectively. We are cyclist by vocation since our early teenage years. Our family is completed with some other riders working as tester/ambassadors and some contacts working on their local areas helping to make the label grows up.

Where are you based?
WEOTUDOOR Headquarter is located in a small town close to Sevilla, Spain. Pretty close to where we live.
This not the best place to be inspired by design as places as San Francisco, London or Milan. But here there is a huge cycling tradition, beautiful landscapes and amazing tracks (Road or MTB) to be inspired by.

What is that you do? What’s your signature and speciality?
Design services and custom orders.  Now we are finally developing our first collection but we have not still launching date.
We use to do sometimes a re-edition of the lettering, new logos, etc for custom orders as well if the clients let be advised. 

On all that cases, design it is not just to create a nice drawing to print over the jersey. Instead we’re developing great cycling patterns (panels and cutting lines) searching a more-elegant image of the cycling, improving size fitting, developing some innovative panels (as our continuous side panels) and everything we create have a view on marketing conception (not just for us, but for clients) . Also on fabrics we take care of gloss and matt offered and also we search for a specific yarn on fabric manufacturing.

We knew that creating something new from zero is hard, but what we are rewarded with seeing our creations. That is what replies the second part of the question, signature and speciality. We are creating a new and better image or aesthetic of the cyclist. We believe fashion and style can be perfectly involved on cycling and technical apparel design. In addition, the today-cyclist-profile is a person with a lot of formation, education and general culture. They -have to- and -can say- what kind of person they are also over a bike with an elegant costume.

What is your inspiration for your apparel?
But due to our past career on fashion, we are mainly suggested for fashion trends as colors and printed. But if I speak as a creator, when you have an intense desire to create something new, you “go into” a kind of obsession that could make you see inspiration on everything around you. A garden, a clothing concept,  a color composition in a picture, a wood, an illustration…
We have different ways to start the challenge of a cycling kit design. Some times there is a small piece that gives it the sense and others that a whole image suggest us the directions for the design. For example, the design El Bosque is inspired for a Town – see here. Travel help a lot the that inspiration.

Which product (or specific kit) are you most satisfied with?
It is a very difficult question chose one, but it may be #Commuterskit (both kit and speedsuit on versions 2013 and 2014). Going to another level product, the last model of socks which we are currently sponsoring DOSNOVENTA Tiger Team.

And going to others kind of products, the last model of socks which we are currently sponsoring DOSNOVENTA Tiger Team. And the bikes we designed in collaboration with Treshombresbikes.

See our tumblr tag #Commuterskit and our racing socks.

Do you have new awesome designs in the works?
We are manufacturing three right now.
One is a black and green British elegant kit for a local group – LaGrupettaKit. Other is made in collaboration with the Racing Team from Barcelona @RAWCYCLINGMAG. We are already their cycling apparel sponsors. The third to be proud is a super high quality prototype -just a sample- the DRAMAKit, it is amazing design with a combo of trend colors and high contrast design. We would be launching some pictures of it soon on our instagram.

What are your visions and dreams for your future?
Short term: Keep on with this hard work to keep growing up line and get an invester to make this small business really a big business.

Medium Term: We are working on a good planning with our sponsors to get enough resources to race the whole series of Red Hook Crit Championship with the whole team Comm Fixed. That means four amazing business-trip to Brooklyn, Milan, Londres and Barcelona.

Long Term means more dreams… A nice one could be see our cycling apparel worn by pro cyclist during a climb of the Tourmalet in a Tour de France stage. A nice dream would be also traveling around the world making client visits and riding with them for local routs discovering new landscapes.

worth sharing?

Name: WEOUTDOOR Stylized
Location: SEVILLA
Founded in: 2013
Instagram: @weoutdoor
Twitter: @weoutdoor
Facebook: @wocycling

Flickr: @weoutdoor

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