the brazilian way
we cyclocross too II

words & photography by Diego Cagnato

Part 2 – past and future collide in the present

ciclo2 004

The happiness of the people was contagious; no one was bothered by the cold, rain and mud. And a lot of friends doing what they love and showing that if you have a dream – you need to go after it.

2_1 ciclo2 011 2_2 Ciclocross 192 2_3 Ciclocross 023

After one year from the first race, things get a little bigger. There was time for Brazil to get a proper Cyclocross calendar, so the guys who organized the first race, managed to create the first Brazilian Cyclocross Championship, with 3 stages and a female category too.

ciclo2 093

A lot of things changed from the first race and this time the race found allies. A major brand helped with the race. A friend brewed a special beer and it was offered as one of the prizes to the 5 places of each category along with some bike components. Even official trophies were made to this championship!

4_1 Ciclocross 108 4_2 Ciclocross 237 4_3 Ciclocross 115

The first stage brought the spirit of cyclocross to the championship. A lot of rain in the day before made the track very wet and the mud finally appeared for the show. In Brazil, we still don’t have a tradition to watch cycling races. Therefore the rain at the race day make a beautiful spectacle but with reduced number of spectators. Luckily there were still some passionate cyclists who decided to race. 5 women and 18 men participated, including one crazy guy called Yuri, who didn’t know anyone here but travelled all the way from São Paulo (400km in a bus) and after arrival, in Curitiba, biked another 50km to race course!

We had 4 great races in that day. three races for the guys (two qualifiers and the final) and one for the women. I saw a lot of strategies and ways to race by the slippery circuit, different approaches to climbs and descents and a lot of mud spraying. We had a great show from all the participants and the last 4 laps of the men’s race was breathtaking, with two guys head to head until the last 100 meters.

3_1 Ciclocross 075 3_2 Ciclocross 225 3_3 Ciclocross 256 Ciclocross 380

The headlight in the women category was when Simone Seguro, the first woman to win a cyclocross race in Brazil gave me the chance to take one of my favorite pictures of cycling; her mix of emotion and pain at the finish line.

Ciclocross 396 Ciclocross 402 Ciclocross 407 Ciclocross 130 Ciclocross 176 Ciclocross 326

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worth sharing?

Name: Diego Cagnato
Age: 28
Lives in: Curitiba / Brazil
Profession: Freelance Photographer
Bikes: Shame on me, but I don’t have a bike.
Cameras: Canon 70d with 24-70 2.8 Sigma Lens and a Pentax k1000 with 50mm lens.
Best place to take pictures of cycling: Any road where you can share the moment with any other cycling fan.
About Diego: A guy who loves cycling and photography, even without having a bike. Trying to pursuit the dream of travel the world while taking pictures, learning and sharing everything he can about this two passions.
www: diegocagnato.com.br

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