türkiye delight

photography by Kåre Dehlie Thorstad

While Turkey hasn’t got the strongest heritage to cycling, they’re well on their way to create one with ambitious races being arranged lately.


This majestic country goes hand in hand with the beautiful sport of road racing.

With its majestic posture, undulating terrain and magical views, Turkey is a beautiful country for racing.

The preparation of the professionals is looking very relaxed, and laid back. But behind those certain faces, you know there’s some anxiousness. A calm Cavendish answered the questions of the press and seemed to enjoy the last moments before the start of the race.

This close to Giro d’Italia, the form of the professionals are beginning to take shape. Well-defined legs of CCC Sprandie Polkowice revealed proof of dieting and hard training.

The last refreshments and contemplation before the race.

Many long, wide and fine roads enabled for fast racing. A part from many great breakaways, the sprinter got a couple of chances to fight for their glory, too.

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Name: Kåre Dehlie Thorstad
Age: 43
Lives in: Brøttum, Norway
Profession: Freelance Photographer
Bikes: LOOK 595 Ultra, Ridley Helium, Argon 18 Gallium
Cameras: ”two Nikon D800. Lenses vary but I feel comfortable with a 85mm. I process my work on location with my 13” MacBook Pro and Adobe Lightroom.”
Best place cycle: Vaucluse (France) with the Mont Ventoux
Follow on Velonode: @zuperdehlie
www: zuper.no
Instagram: @zuperdehlie

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