strade bianche

words and photography by Ian Stuart Walton

Watching it as an Italian – coffee first, then food, then the bike race. I think we then had some more coffee. Great day. Next year, full on chase – with coffees.

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It was a quick break to Tuscany after spending a lot of this year working hard shooting for Craft and Etixx down at Orica Greenedge’s Pre-Season Camp and putting together the website for my new bike travel company Sommet Cycling.

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I hadn’t even thought of Strade Bianche since I had been that pre-occupied with there stuff and had just booked a weekend in Lucca for myself and the good lady.


The week of our flight, we finally got the site finished and launched and all of a sudden my head cleared and I realised it was Strade Bianche just down the road from where we were staying in Lucca.

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My good lady was keen to see it – lucky as I am – though I was keen to have a lazy Italian relax. I figured on something in between as I knew I would want to chase the race once there.

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We would enjoy a lazy drive through Chianti from Lucca to Siena, interrupted by coffees, then watch the race in the famous 18% climb into he famous walled city and it’s famous Piazza del Campo.

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Name: Ian Stuart Walton
Age: 40
Lives in: Barcelona, Spain
Profession: Freelance Photographer, writer. Co-Founder and Co-Owner of Sommet Cycling (www.sommet.cc)
Bikes: LOOK 586, Campag, Rotor and Power2Max. Stanley Cranky286 Titanium CX with SRAM. Alan Aluminium for the coffee errands.
Cameras: Leica M6, 40mm prime lens. Fujifilm X-Pro1 with 18 & 35mm primes. Also a Canon 5D.
Best place cycle: Anywhere. Road. Gravel. A new unknown route.
Next: More journeys with www.sommet.cc More work with La Fabrica Girona and Christian and Amber Meier. More commercial commissions in the pipeline.
Follow on Velonode: @themusette
www: themusette.cc

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