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Words by Szymon Kotowski and photography courtesy of Szymonbike

We’ve seen the films. The magical atmosphere that tickles our urge for exploration and adventures. The astonishing views that take our breath away on roads which switchbacks won’t run out and who’s views won’t disappear. Szymonbike is creating history for years to come and is inspiring us all.

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Hi. My name is Szymon [SHI-mawn]. I do Roadtrips and write a blog. As for now, the blog is in Polish only. My English is still poor, probably because I quit university – three times. I have never found myself comfortable with all that others call ‘regular’ in any area of life, including my passion – cycling.


This is why I see the road trips as a blessing. During the last year I have – together with CyclingTips – experienced these road trips and I have learned a lot in this time. It has also changed me.


I used to be a more regular cyclist. I trained and raced for 10 years but I haven’t participated in a race since I took up road tripping. Right before that I rode a lot and was as good as ever. But I let go of the need to compete and traded it for the wealth of time and possibilities. Now I discover the most wonderful roads, travel around the world and experience the thrill of adventure. As I quit racing I have chosen to collect experiences and memories instead of trophies.

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The more mountains I conquer as a part of my work on Roadtrips, the more assured I become that I’ve made the right choice. The more often I get into the free flowing mode while climbing a hill after some 8 hours of cycling, the more I understand that here and now is what matters most. I have redefined the needs coming from our passion.

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It is absolutely fascinating. It is something completely new. You can do exactly everything that you love about road cycling. All limitations that competition involves are moved aside. Training plans, power meters and other restrictions that the cycling culture has instilled in you are gone. You do what you want. Here and now. No coach or conscience telling you to give more or sacrifice more. And after all these years of racing I can finally feel free and happy.


It’s as simple as that.

I want to share this feeling that has been within arm’s reach all this time and inspire cyclists to go further. I want them to throw off the yoke of competitive racing and dive into the majestic beauty of roadtripping adventures.

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Name: Szymon Kotowski
Lives in: Poland
Instagram: @szymonbike
Twitter: @szymonbike
Www: szymon.bike
Facebook: @szymonbike

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