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words and photography by Emil Rosenberg

In an age where environmental awareness rises quickly amongst cyclists, a new brand has emerged.


Raceday sets out to take care for our legs and important parts during cycling in a unique, organic way.

Raceday is probably the latest addition to the chamois and embrocation market. And probably the smallest brand, too. They sell four products, and that’s it. But it’s four quite eye-catching products, if you ask us.

The line consists of two oils, and two creams. The oils are intended for massage and to give your muscles some shine, circulation (and tone).

The creams are quite different from each other, one being made for the comfort between skin and chamois pad, and the other to prevent rain and wind to pierce your skin. We’re talking about a chamois cream and bad weather embrocation, of course.

Bad Weather Embrocation

This orange-colored embrocation is hand-mixed and created with purely organic ingredients. A combination of olive- and castor oil acts as a nourishing agent for the skin, while bees wax establishes a wet- and wind-resistant surface to keep your legs protected from the elements.

When opening the lid, a very pleasant scent of ginger and rosemary is instantly noticed. Together with wintergreen and black pepper, the smell of this embrocation is incredible.

Riding with the embrocation is also a good experience. While labeled as medium heat, there’s actually quite some sting to this one, which is perfect for days that are cold and would render you freezing without some sort of protection.

If racing, this would substitute leg warmers perfectly – giving you more freedom of movement, and less garments to soak up in the wet.

Many orange-ish embrocations stain white socks, but I didn’t find this one to be particularly hard to wash out of clothes. Never combo your finest white socks with colored embrocation, though.

Pre-Race Oil

Next up is the pre-race oil that provides any pair of legs with a pro style shine. Both oils, white and black, are prepared with oils from olive, castor and sweet almond mixed with essential oils from rosemary, wintergreen and eucalyptus to stimulate blood flow and prepare any pair of legs for some big ring riding.

The difference between the two is the lack of heat and color in the white oil, instead adding clove, black pepper and lemon for a refreshing massage feel.

The White oil is intended for use on warmers days but also works perfectly as a post-ride massage oil. Without being too thick, it relaxes both body and mind with the gentle scent.

The black oil, which really is red in color, has cayenne for a bit heat and red peppers for a dark red tone that adds some color to the palest legs. A perfect race-oil for when your legs can use a bit extra heat and tan.

Using the pre-race oils is enjoyable and hassle free, giving you the sense of race-ready legs any day of the week. The thickness of the oils is also on point, being just in between greasy and thin. And knowing that they’re prepared by hand with the best ingredients possible adds to the whole experience.

Chamois Balm

A mixture of oils and butters form the base of this friction-reducing cream. Olive oil, shea butter, calendula oil and bees wax is what keeps you comfortable even during the longest days in the saddle.

But in addition to being protective, lubricating and friction-reducing, the cream is also packed with anti-bacterial and anti-fungal oils from patchouli, lavender, eucalyptus and tea tree oil that also has healing properties.

I’m not the most frequent user of chamois creams (I’m usually comfortable without), but with that being said I liked the way that this is a lot thicker than other chamois creams I’ve used – reducing the feeling of applying hair conditioner to your crotch.

This feels more like a paste than a sauce (which is what many other brands feel like) and the job applying it is more delicate and precise. The cream ends up just where you applied it and isn’t smudged out over the whole bib short. And it does what it says it would and certainly reduces the friction between skin and chamois pad.


184 Raceday combines a modern concept of eco-friendliness and high quality ingredients with a product that feels hand-made in the best of ways. The oils, cream and embrocation performs with the best of the category while reducing the impact on the environment compared to mass-produced products.

Whether you’re looking for more saddle-chamois comfort, something to keep you warm in the wet and cold or just want some pro-style shine on your legs for race-day execution, The Race Day has something for you.

And when our test samples run out, we’ll be coming back for more.

Thanks to Raceday for letting us test your stuff!

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