photography by erik jonsson

words by patch hofweber

In close collaboration, Malmö’s preeminent bike shop Musette and newcomer club CK Barriär have tied together a tight set of cyclocross rallies at unique locations throughout the city. Here’s a look at the race through the lens of Erik Jonsson.


After fostering the idea of a small CX circuit for the better part of a year, we looked to the Holma hills and our eyes lit up. With a successful first rally we ramped up our second event and a spectacle was born.


We were happily joined by our neighbors from across the bridge, some twenty Danes came to test Swedish soil. Among them were quite a few fast juniors, all hard as nails.

12247830_10153269900865963_5219356014241910879_o 11057710_10153269896115963_6263411591447509585_o

The crown jewel of the course was the sadistic 30 second run-up feature. From the peak one could see all the way to Denmark, but once there most cyclists looked instead deep into their souls before remounting and bombing back down.

12248190_10153269901690963_7955524666767923822_o 12244557_10153269900530963_2139199379251432489_o 12248187_10153270408585963_3991366376443776559_o 11231803_10153270411520963_4301319014805872658_o 12238239_10153270410790963_8088581850662038785_o (1) 12240261_10153269895290963_2491701478470111885_o 12265902_10153269894470963_7229197734726705825_o 12265566_10153269897070963_1573337940123056645_o

We were also joined by Copenhagen’s heavy hitter, Angus Edmond. When not winning local races, Angus can be seen down in Belgium finishing if he’s lucky (at the elite level). Here he is hunting the dapper Dane in crisp white socks.

12291037_10153269897530963_3298103455370002317_o 11220766_10153269899100963_6372534166040107005_o 12248086_10153269895550963_4477929091927247080_o 905918_10153270407550963_7987527986773857916_o
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Photosets: Rally 1 Rally 2
Next rally: February 6th, 2016

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