ladies: tour of qatar

photography by Kåre Dehlie Thorstad

The colorful women’s peloton have just challenged the desert heat of the Tour of Qatar. The rough conditions left nothing to change while the strong women fiercely fought for the honors.

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The arab tours mark the initiation of the professional road cycling season. At almost the same time as Tour of Dubai, the Qatar version took place and gave the world a first glimpse of the excitement of the women’s pro cycling that will present itself 2015.

ltoq-09 ltoq-08 ltoq-12 ltoq-16 ltoq-03 ltoq-11 ltoq-10 ltoq-26 ltoq-14 ltoq-17 ltoq-07 ltoq-15

Success in these first races is not only a confidence booster for the riders but it’s a receipt of a prosperous off season. Lizzie Armitstead from Boels Dolmans Cycling Team was one of the protagonists who really stood out with good legs and a strong will to battle in the arab desert.

ltoq-02 ltoq-01
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Name: Kåre Dehlie Thorstad
Age: 43
Lives in: Brøttum, Norway
Profession: Freelance Photographer
Bikes: LOOK 595 Ultra, Ridley Helium, Argon 18 Gallium
Cameras: ”two Nikon D800. Lenses vary but I feel comfortable with a 85mm. I process my work on location with my 13” MacBook Pro and Adobe Lightroom.”
Best place cycle: Vaucluse (France) with the Mont Ventoux
Follow on Velonode: @zuperdehlie
www: zuper.no

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