behind the brand

words and photography by Andrew Moguchiy

With craftsmanship exceeding even the most meticulous expectations, Jambike presents themselves as a creator of elegant, technical and bespoke frames for the conscious cyclist who wants something really unique.

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I’m Andrew Moguchiy. 28 years old. Born in Moscow but shortly after I was born my family moved to Saint-Petersburg and I have lived there ever since. The idea for Jam bicycles was initially born after I decided to build a unique cruiser bike for myslef. A cruiser bike like no other.

It didn’t come out of nowhere though.


In the summer of 2010 my wife and I bought two regular bicycles. It was fun for one month, but then we got bored with them and decided to spark things up a little bit. We applied a new paint, added baskets, bike bells, and installed retro style lights.

But then I still felt like I want to have something more unique. I decided to build my own bicycle from scratch. It was my first attmept at bike building. A heavy, steel cruiser with a super wide handlebar and low stance. It looked awesome. Quite a few of my friends liked it and so I built a few more bikes similar to the one I had.

This was the time I realized I was on to something. Hence, I think autumn 2010 is the founding date for Jam bicycles.

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After I had built a couple of cruiser frames for my friends, I had a long break in production. It was in the autumn of 2013 that I decided to start building classic citybikes as well as fixed gear bikes for street racing.

Nowadays, we are 4 people in Jam bicycles. It is me, my soldering master, who also happens to be my right hand when it comes to business, a welder, and an apprentice. However, there’s more people who help us on an on-and-off basis.

I would say that the extended circle of people who support our operation is around 20. It includes designers who help us with brand development, promotion, as well as frame painting, bike racers who promote our frame sets on various race competitions and events, and resellers in a number of locations in Russia.

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Apart from building fully customized orders, we also produce production models. In 2014 it was a classic steel-frame track frameset Jam Lumberjack. This year we have released Jam Omen, a modern race-oriented, alumininium track frameset with a carbon fork. Each model is developed fully in-house from the ground up.

We have a professional bicycle-racer in our team, who helps us with fram geometry fine-tuning and development. It is safe to say that Jam Omen is the most technically advanced bicycle frameset currently produced in Russia. We use Columbus Airplane 7005 alumininium tubing. Rear dropouts are fully milled from a whole alumininium slab. They also have stainless steel splice plates on both sides. Head tube for the integrated cone headset and a full carbon fork that weights only 375 gram.

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Bicycle building is awesome! The joy of producing a tangible object with your own hands is priceless. But apart from looking cool, bicycle is a tool. It has a purpose and with it comes responsibility. When building a bike, you produce a means of transportation, which can go very, very fast.

And the entire construction has to withstand an enormous amount of stress, which comes at high speeds. Therefore, in this business it is really important to earn a customer trust, which is later followed by a good reputation.

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Saint-Petersburg suits well for our manufacturing needs. The city is relatively compact which makes it easy to travel by bike. The climate is quite mild thanks to the Baltic sea. I would say that the driving conditions are very similar to Helsinki, Stockholm, Oslo or Tallinn, where cycling season virtually lasts the whole year round.

Moreover, close proximity to Scandinavian and Baltic countries allows for frequent traveling where you can also take a bike with you.

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Our plan for the nearest future is to expand the range of production models with touring, cyclo-cross and racing bikes. Ideally, we would like to expand on Western European market and open our branches in Europe and the US.

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Name: Andrey Moguchiy “Jam Handcrafted Bicycles”
Location: Saint Petersburg, Russia
Employees: 4 people
Founded in: 2010
Facebook: jambicycles
Instagram: @jambicycles

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